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Laptops are devices that prove useful to us in many ways. They come in handy at work, in search of entertainment and at many other times. Often, we do not pay attention to the fact that, after a certain period of use, the quality of the work of such equipment is reduced. This happens on the basis of certain malfunctions that are not noticeable at first glance. At other times, there is a mechanical failure of the laptop, the system becomes infected or the hard drive and RAM memory become full. So if your laptop is no longer working at its best, you should seek service as soon as possible. Self-repair will not bring good results, because we do not have the right tools.

What is the most common repair service for laptops:

  • motherboard power supplies
  • BGA chips - graphics card, south/north bridge
  • motherboard faults
  • mechanical defects
  • hard drives
  • bios failures
  • matrix/matrix strips
  • die breakage
  • drop of a laptop
  • flooding
  • consequences of repairing a laptop by yourself

Only a laptop service is able to accurately diagnose the laptop. All on the basis of specialised programmes. And when necessary, it is much quicker to handle the efficient and safe dismantling and bolting down of the laptop. In many cases, service technicians choose to clean the laptop from the inside. When they repair the insides of such laptops, they often spot huge amounts of dirt that we are probably not aware of. We don't have to worry about the high and unexpected cost of such a laptop repair. Why? Because a good service will provide us with a quick initial quote. And at the same time it will be a much better solution than repairing it ourselves. After repairing a laptop from a service centre, we receive a guarantee for the replaced equipment as well as the repairs carried out.

Is it worth repairing a laptop?

Perhaps our laptop has been damaged or is running more slowly. This is when we wonder whether repairing it is the right solution. It is worth looking at this issue from a purely economic point of view. The purchase of a new laptop will cost us from 1 to several thousand PLN. However, for the repair of a laptop in a service centre we will pay much less - usually from several dozen to several hundred PLN. We will pay much less for a service which will include a full accurate diagnosis of this device. The cost of such a valuation is negligible, and usually included in the price of further repair of the laptop. So, if after the valuation of such a repair we decide that it is better to buy a new laptop, we can be persuaded to do so as well.

Typically, good quality laptops from a few years ago are of much higher quality than those currently in production. Considering the quality of the case, as well as many other components. So simply repair the laptop, replace certain parts in it and you can enjoy trouble-free use for years to come.

Laptop repair is a better option if you have a higher-end laptop - with a powerful processor and dedicated graphics card and other amenities. If we had an old and weak laptop, instead of repairing it, it might be better to opt for a new or post-lease laptop.

Our Laptop Service in Lublin has been helping customers for 10 years. Experience and recommendations give us a leading position on the Lublin market. All you need to do is to deliver your laptop for diagnostics - our service is located in the centre of Lublin at Glinianska 24 near Lublin University of Technology and university campus! You are welcome!

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