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Service Regulations of Centrum Serwisowe Elektroniki Lublin 24 Gliniana Street
(1) Every customer returning equipment for repair is obliged to familiarise himself with these regulations. By returning the equipment for repair, the customer voluntarily accepts the above regulations. It is at the same time the contract on the basis of which the repair service is provided and it regulates the rights and obligations in this respect. All other provisions must be set out in writing and accepted by both parties. The customer, by leaving the equipment at the service centre of Centrum Serwisowe Elektroniki 24 Gliniana Street and picking up the equipment acceptance form, voluntarily accepts the service regulations.

The customer agrees to the processing of personal data in accordance with the Act of 29.08.1997, Journal of Laws No. 02.101.926.

1 Definitions
2 Service request
3. shipment of equipment
4 Acceptance of equipment
5 Implementation of the service
6 Guarantee
7 Customer responsibility
8 Prices and additional charges
1 Definitions
1. SERVICE - Electronics Service Centre, 24 Gliniana Street 20-616 Lublin.
(2) CUSTOMER - the person or company who has submitted the equipment for valuation, diagnosis or repair.
3) ACCEPTANCE FORM - a document confirming the entrustment of equipment for servicing. The document contains the information necessary to identify the equipment (manufacturer, type, model, serial number) a description of the technical condition and the fault.
4. SPEDITOR - a courier company with which the service has a permanent current contract of cooperation.
5. CURIER - an employee of the freight forwarder or a person acting on his behalf.
2 Service request
(1) In order to initiate a repair or maintenance service, the Customer must submit a service request, which can be made by:
 in person at the site by filling in the acceptance form and bringing the equipment
 by sending the equipment and the acceptance form ( downloadable from the website
 by sending equipment by prior arrangement by telephone
The service centre issues an acceptance form to the customer, which is the only document entitling the customer to collect the returned equipment. The customer, by leaving the equipment at the service centre of Centrum Serwisowe Elektroniki ul. Gliniana 24 and collecting the equipment acceptance form, voluntarily accepts the service regulations.
3. shipment of equipment
1. equipment should be sent to the service address after prior notification.
The risk of damage to the equipment during transport to the service centre is borne by the customer. To avoid unpleasant situations of damage to the equipment, the equipment must be packed and secured properly.
In the event that the service centre receives a parcel that is improperly protected or cannot be sent back due to possible damage to the equipment, the service centre will add the cost of new packaging in the amount of PLN 20 gross to be borne by the customer.
4 All parcels sent via a forwarding agent from and to the customer are insured up to the amount of 5000 PLN. If the value of the equipment exceeds this amount, the customer should notify the courier and the service.
4 Collection of equipment
1. the equipment can be collected in person at the site on presentation of the acceptance form.
2 We send the equipment to the customer at the address specified in the service request - standard cost 20zl courier delivery.
(3) If you suspect that your consignment has been tampered with, or that the equipment being sent has been damaged in transit, we suggest that you follow the following procedure:
Upon receipt, the condition of the packaging should be checked in the presence of the courier. Each parcel should be wrapped on the outside with security tape. If it is not, it means that the parcel has been opened by unauthorised persons. In this case, its contents should be checked in the presence of the courier. If any damage to the packaging is noticed, the parcel should be unpacked in the courier's presence and if the content is found to be damaged, an appropriate protocol should be drawn up together. If the parcel is found damaged after the courier's departure despite the absence of signs of damage to the packaging, a damage protocol should be drawn up including:
 description of damage,
 consignment note no,
 date of service,
 financial expectations for the losses incurred, which should be supported by proof of purchase of the equipment
4. if the customer cancels the repair, the service centre must have time to prepare the equipment for return to the customer (assembling the equipment or waiting for its return by a subcontractor)
5. in the event of cancellation by the customer, the service centre may return the equipment in an inferior or incomplete condition than that in which it was accepted for repair; this applies only in exceptional cases, e.g. when replacing touchscreens which were delivered cracked (when such an element is removed, it is difficult to avoid the progression of the fault or the complete failure of the cracked element), flooded equipment, equipment after a fall.
5 Implementation of the service
(1) Service delivery time is the time taken to diagnose, the time taken to complete all parts, the time taken to carry out the actual repair and the time taken to perform tests to confirm the effectiveness of the repair.
(2) In the course of providing the service, the service has the right to contact the customer in order to renegotiate the price of the service provided.
(3) The customer will be informed of the date of completion of the repair, changes in the status of the order, costs exceeding the stated limit by telephone or in any other manner declared by the customer.
The service does not issue defective parts.
(5) In the case of orders of a higher value, the service has the right to demand an advance payment for the service to be provided.
(6) The service centre is not responsible for hidden defects in the equipment covered by the service, malfunctions operating in a progressive manner or malfunctions resulting from the effects of other malfunctions in the equipment. (e.g. in the case of flooded equipment, equipment after a fall, equipment with a damaged touchscreen, etc.).
(7) If the customer does not come to collect the equipment at the expiry of a period of 20 working days from notification to the customer of the completion of the repair, or does not indicate an address for dispatch, it shall mean that the customer has voluntarily surrendered ownership of the equipment as a movable item by abandoning it within the meaning of Article 18 of the Civil Code. The ownership of the abandoned equipment (no-one's movable property) pursuant to Article 181 of the Civil Code, shall be acquired by the service centre through its self-acquisition.
6 Guarantee
1. the equipment must be delivered to the company's premises in its own right, together with the required warranty card.
(2) For repairs and services performed, the service centre provides a standard guarantee of 3 months from the date of performance. Exceptions are equipment repairs for which an individual guarantee period has been agreed.
The warranty covers only the parts and activities specified on the repair card and marked as having been carried out by the service centre. In special cases or for an additional charge, the service centre can give a longer guarantee than 3 months, which will be marked on the repair card or the sales document.
The guarantee for performed activities does not cover cases in which the operation of the activity performed by the service centre ceased to be effective due to damage of elements and parts not covered by the service centre guarantee or if this operation ceased to be correct due to a defect of other elements influencing the correctness of operation of the performed service. The guarantee does not cover defects that are not related to the performed activities.
5 The component warranty does not cover:
 mechanical, chemical, thermal damage (fractures, flooding, etc.),
 damage resulting from operating the appliance in conditions which do not correspond to those specified on the appliance's warranty card,
 damages resulting from improper or inconsistent use, installation, storage or maintenance of the goods, as well as failure to observe the common rules for operating electronic equipment and, in particular, any other damage caused by the fault or ignorance of the Purchaser,
 cases of random damage regardless of the operating conditions (flood, fire, overvoltage),
 parts on which the service serial numbers have been obliterated or destroyed,
 parts that have been repaired by non-service persons or entities.
Warranty repairs do not include activities that are part of normal operating maintenance such as: installation of software, configuration, maintenance, cleaning, etc.
The warranty does not cover claims in respect of the technical performance of the product insofar as these conform to the manufacturer's specifications and software.
The warranty does not cover consumables.
(9) The service centre is obliged to respond to the customer's warranty claims within 21 working days of the delivery of the equipment to the service centre, and to repair the defect as soon as possible or refund the money if it cannot be repaired.
The service centre shall use security features to protect the equipment it repairs against unauthorised access by third parties.
11. breach of any of the security seals or other safeguards will void the warranty provided by the service.
(12) The guarantee shall be extended by the period during which the equipment is in service.
13. return and delivery of the claimed equipment is at the customer's expense.

7 Customer responsibility

(1) The customer certifies that he is the owner of the equipment entrusted for servicing and that no other third party claims any rights to it.
The customer is responsible for used and installed unlicensed software and other data on fixed disks other magnetic media, optical discs, CDs, DVDs or flash drives submitted with the equipment for repair.
(3) The customer declares that it has secured all data and will not claim any rights by way of compensation for loss of data. The customer is obliged to secure the data itself.
4. the service is not liable for defects and damage discovered during repair.
5 The service reserves the right to return unrepaired equipment to the customer due to lack of original parts or replacements on the market and other factors beyond the service's control.
The service reserves the right to return to the customer unrepaired equipment with slightly different symptoms than received. This is due to the fact that some of the components, including damaged ones, are currently made in SMD and BGA technology, and therefore the regeneration of such a chip does not always bring a positive effect, which can only be eliminated by replacing the component with another functional one, unfortunately not always achievable.
8 Prices and additional charges
The visual inspection of the computer equipment will only concern the fault specified by the customer. The inspection is only payable if the repair is not undertaken (cancellation or impossibility of repair) and costs PLN 30 gross. This fee may increase if the repair/damage is more complex. In this case, the parts used are charged according to their value (e.g. BGA chips). The fee is also charged if the reported equipment proves to be operational (also in relation to warranty repairs).
2. fault symptoms or the fault itself, which turns out to be different from what the customer described at the time of returning to the service, will be priced as an additional repair. The service centre is not responsible for faults not reported by the customer, circumstances not reported (e.g. flooding, falling) are not responsible for damage and irregularities resulting from these faults.
(3) Repairs and maintenance services performed by the service centre shall be calculated on the basis of market prices and the price of components and subassemblies replaced during the repair. The minimum price of a service (not including the cost of components and subassemblies) may not be less than the rate of one man-hour, regardless of the duration of the service.
4 The price of components and sub-assemblies is determined on the basis of current selling prices.
(5) At the customer's request, the service centre may carry out repairs by express service. Repairs and express service are undertaken out of turn and incur an additional charge of PLN 30 gross.
(6) If the repair or maintenance service is not carried out within the Express deadline - the service is treated as standard and no additional charge is made.
7 Appropriate discounts are provided for regular customers.
8 The cost of providing maintenance services according to the terms and conditions of these terms and conditions is determined in each individual case according to the customer's needs.

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