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Repair PlayStation XBOX consoles Lublin

A sudden console crash has ruined your thrilling gameplay? Console humming and running at high speed? Sound familiar? Need a fast and effective repair of your console, with timely delivery by highly qualified and experienced service technicians you can rely on.

In our Lublin service we offer just what you expect! We carry out repairs to PlayStatnion and XBOX consoles. Our head office is located in the centre of Lublin near the Lublin University of Technology and the university town.
Our team of technicians have a wealth of experience of over 10 years in carrying out console repairs and are able to guarantee an effective and lasting repair of your device! See recommendations from our customers!

PlayStation and XBOX console repair - ask your question NOW!

Click and use the contact form! Our technicians will respond as soon as possible.

Why is my console overheating?

If your console is overheating, you need to check the condition of the console's cooling system. Dust buildup is a common cause of console overheating. Unplug the console and find a flat surface to work on. What you can do yourself is take a can of compressed air and gently blow through the console's fan holes. If you see agitated dust, this means that you need to have the cooling system serviced by us.

Do you repair gaming pads?

We do not currently repair game pads. We recommend new original devices from official distribution.

We offer a professional and timely service:

  • Repair of PlayStation consoles from PS3 Slim, PS4, PS5
  • Repair of XBOX consoles from XBOX 360 Slim and upwards
  • Repair/replacement of motherboards
  • Cleaning the console cooling system
  • Repair of the power supply system
  • Repair of HDMI USB ports and sockets
  • We do not currently repair game pads


 Whatever your console breakdown, call us today to find out more about how we can help you.

If you expect your console to be repaired by a reputable and recommended service provider

based in the centre of Lublin you can trust us, we can help you! Contact us for a quote today.

Click the button below to send the console to our company, or call +48 537 811 100,

to talk to expert in the repair of video game consoles.

Maciej K.Maciej K.Google
Excellent service! Very good communication, short lead times, good prices, professional service. All done to the highest standard. Definitely recommend, full professionalism!
Basia T.Basia T.Google
Highly recommended!!! Professional service. Gentlemen competent and friendly. Very fast implementation of the service. The gentlemen repaired the external drive on which I had "everything"! Thank you very much! I really recommend!!!
Charles C.Charles C.Google
Quick and professional. They repaired the motherboard in the ps4 pro in just a few days including diagnostics. I was kept informed every step of the way by phone. Highly recommend.
Luke O.Luke O.Google
I highly recommend the service because of their expertise and professional customer service - they call and consult on repair costs, advise and patiently answer all questions. I have already had two laptops and a printer repaired there. Among other things, they have helped me with data recovery and each time the service has been of the highest standard.
Thomas M.Thomas M.Google
I visited first thing this morning, the equipment failure was repaired professionally and promptly, everything is working, very friendly serviceI can certainly recommend this service with a clear conscience.
Sebastian S.Sebastian S.Google
Very professional and individual approach to the customer and the fault. Exemplary communication and punctuality despite a serious fault. The price is also very good, so I highly recommend it!
Anna G.Anna G.Google
I have already repaired my laptops there several times. Impeccable service, fast turnaround and good communication. They also provide help and good advice for less complex problems.
Przemyslaw G.Przemyslaw G.Facebook
Excellent professionals! Super contact and fair prices. I recommend using them at least once and you will see that it is worth it! Greetings and thanks for your good work - keep it up!
Iwona K.Iwona K.Google+
Express display replacement. At the request of the customer repair in asus phone within 30 hours. Competent service, professionally performed service. I warmly recommend
Arthur P.Arthur P.Google+
I would recommend the service with full responsibility. The old laptop was brought back to life, faults diagnosed and repaired, additional checking of components (RAM, disk), friendly service.

Console service in Lublin

If your console:

  • Does not turn on, does not respond to start button
  • Displays incorrect or no image at all
  • Does not read BluRay DVDs
  • Yellow or red LED flashes
  • Suddenly shuts down during operation
  • Overheats and is noisy

We will fix it quickly and efficiently! We do not currently repair pads and consoles older than PlayStation 3 Slim and XBOX 360 Slim.

    Regardless of the type of console failure, call us today, to find out more about how we can help you. If you expect your console to be repaired by a reputable and recommended service provider based in the centre of Lublin
    you can trust us, we will help you! Contact us for a quote today.

    Repair PS4 XBOX consoles Lublin ul.Gliniana 24

    Service and repair of all brands of laptops

    Service and repair of all brands of laptops


    Repair of desktop computers

    Repair of desktop computers


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    Phone repair | Tablets | eBook


    Repair of PlayStation PSP XBOX consoles

    Repair of PlayStation PSP XBOX consoles


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